Bill Bradley Center

The Bill Bradley Sports and Recreation Center is an 115,000 square foot sports facility at the Ramapo College of New Jersey. Facilities include a NCAA sports arena, aquatic facilities, fitness rooms, recreational spaces, locker facilities, practice arena, administrative offices and a climbing wall. My responsibilities included design development with client user groups, coordination of consultants and a 6-10 person architectural team from construction documentation through addendum phase and construction administration.

GBQC Architects

Drexel University Dormatory

This new building for Drexel University is an 11 story, 50-bed co-ed dormitory constructed in the summer and fall of 2006. I was responsible for the exterior wall design and construction. This included the design and detailing of all exterior wall components, including factory-fabricated wall panels, glazing systems, concrete detailing, all waterproofing, vapor barriers and moisture control.

I oversaw and coordinated construction efforts, including shop drawings, material compatibility testing and analysis and design-build coordination with the general contractor and subcontractors. Exterior facade materials include aluminum frame systems, prefabricated corrugated metal panels, exposed steel framing and concrete.

Erdy McHenry Architecture

The Church of Saint Aloysius

The church of St. Aloysius in Jackson, NJ is a 1,100 seat Catholic Church. Although this church community has grown substantially over the last 20 years, it remains tightly knit. St. Aloysius felt the need to build a new church that allowed for inclusion and unity of all of its members, new and old. As a result, the hyperbolic roof covers 17,800 square feet of uninterrupted worship space.

My responsibilities included exterior wall and roof design and detailing; coordination of consultants for structural, hyperbolic roof and mechanical systems. Particular investigation and coordination of the roof geometry was of top priority. Construction documents were completed in March of 2007 and construction was completed in May of 2009.


Erdy McHenry Architecture

1316 Chestnut Street

This design proposal was for an 18 story addition to the Cunningham Piano Building at 1318 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. The concept was to renovate the existing building, transforming it into luxury condominiums. The addition would occupy the adjacent lot and would use the existing central vertical circulation and mechanical core, resulting in a 98% net occupancy building. This 3D model and set of drawings were created to convey our ideas to the city zoning board and the community in general. The creation of clear and detailed imagery was paramount for this project to go forward.  Prior to any construction occurring, we needed to get a variance from the city, approval from the historical society and public support. All three were obtained as a result of a series of presentations to all concerned parties.

Erdy McHenry Architecture