strata G: Urban Farm

5th Year Thesis: Brandon Kruysman & John Proto

Advisor: Jane Clark

This thesis project was the collaborative effort of 2 students: Jonathan Proto and Brandon Kruysman. I was fortunate enough to graduate from the only accredited graduate program in architecture that focuses on collaborative work. I immediately embraced this idea because projects of this scale are never designed as a singular effort. The scale of this thesis was on an urban level, as opposed to a single building, and the information that needed to be conveyed was dependent on clear and powerful graphics. The underground urban farm is a counter movement and critique of the developer-constructed infestation of Brewerytown, a current area of renewal in Philadelphia. Jon and Brandon creatively infused ideas from science fiction, modern trends in generative architectural design and brilliant graphics (through the computer applications of Rhinoceros, 3dsMAX, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). Their goal was to create a visionary approach for reclaiming this area of the city for the people, by the people, with the hope of taking down the ‘Toll Brothers’ and ‘Westrums’ of the world.