Silence to Sound

5th Year Thesis: Lauren Walters

Advisor: Jane Clark

Even the most complex architectural thesis project is dependent on the tool of sketching. In this case, Lauren chose to design a children’s center for cochlear implant rehabilitation. This project required a great amount of research and the end design was expressed through a complex series of digital images. When it came down to designing the building itself, Lauren struggled for a long time because she resisted the urge to simplify her digital approach by using hand drawing as a means to understand what she was creating, and in turn advance it. This simple series of sketches occurred about ¾ of the way through the semester. I sat down with her and started to sketch some of the ideas that were remaining in the form of discussion and theory. Once she saw the ideas hit the paper, she immediately started to sketch and draw for herself, which ultimately led to a major breakthrough. Hand drawing can be an amazing act of discovery and is critical to this kind of work.