Savelli Vineyard

Design 10: 5th Year Studio with Professor Jane Clark

Student: Tanya Ivanov

As part of a research grant, I made a short film entitled ‘Savelli Vineyard’ exploring the potential use of a spatial narrative as a means to embed complexity into the understanding and experience of architectural space. The psychological phenomenon of experiencing space results from the weaving of visual perspective, sensory input, memory and time. The topic of the movie was remembering an old man’s youth, growing up on a vineyard. Each student created a series of story boards to identify the emotional qualities the movie is trying to express. These story boards became the basis of a new story, unique to each student. The new stories illustrated how these memories could be brought forward into a new way of life, and ultimately helped the student develop a building program and design to house such emotional qualities.

Tanya’s project is a public vineyard in center city Philadelphia. Her intent was to create a place that embraced the cyclical and ritualistic qualities of wine production. The vines themselves become a space of celebration, entertainment and gathering. The heavy focus on perspective drawings was a critical part of achieving emotive design. Tanya first create views of the moments she would like the user to experience and then documented the plans, sections and elevations that would accommodate such moments.

Student: Erike DeVeyra

This is another example of a project based on the short film ‘Savelli Vineyard’. In this case, Erike used the act of sketching to express her own emotions that she felt while viewing the movie. Erike was taken by the images of vast openness that lend themselves to quiet, protected moments of solitude. Erike decided that this type of environment would be wonderful for a facility for abused children. The working vineyard would be a place of structure and activity for the children while the vastness of the land and the safe, protected spaces within the vines would provide moments of reflection, thought and healing.