As a college student, I was always seeking a counter process to architectural design, one which allowed for more richness of imagery and less constraint of program and client. I began painting as a creative outlet in my free time but it quickly grew into a means to incorporate more expressiveness into my school work.

My paintings fall into three categories: architectural space and projects, self understanding and interpretation, and finally and most prevalent, flowers.

Flowers have been a lifelong interest of mine in terms of their beauty, cycle of life, inherent geometry and physical make-up. Flowers, as an expressive medium of design, have also been one of my creative pursuits and because of this they continually are the topic of many of my paintings. These works are representations of the moment of enrapture one feels when seeing a beautiful fresh flower: the richness of color, the softness of the flesh, the freshness, volatility and passion of fleeting perfection.

Mediums: Oil on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas